Birthed from losing a loved one due to high blood pressure, MK Oziel is not just a clothing brand, but a lifestyle brand that believes “health is wealth” and actively promotes healthy living.

Stylish, high quality, comfort and beautiful designs are the key elements that the MK Oziel brand is centred around. Love, family, support, perseverance and consistency are the brands driving forces.

“This is a legacy projected, dedicated to my twin, my bestie, my number one supporter, my late brother, Oziel Mokhere aka MK Oziel. I promise to make sure that your legacy lives on through this project.” ~ Florence Ndlovu (CEO & Co-Founder)

we promised to make sure his legacy stays alive forever.
Florence Ndlovu

When he started gaining wait we encouraged him to exercise and he kept on promising us to join . He was supposed to start 1 November 2019 but he again said he will join later little did we know that 8 December he will be admitted to hospital and high blood pressure shot to high that it raptured Artiris which led to coma and his passing on earth .

This was and still painful but it really came as alarm to us as family that we need to take care our health more serious by exercising regularly and eating healthy without compromising. Then I then discovered later through holyspirit that exercising and taking care of your body is actually a form of appreciateing and being thankful to God for body he gave me . I must take care of my physical and emotional being so that I live to fullfill the purpose of God with my life on earth . I Strongly believe that Out of this Pain came Purpose .

MK Oziel loved beautiful things , he was stylish , and loved high quality with comfort.
We then Thought let’s continue with MK OZiel healthy life style .

Water is life , we were made from water we therefore need water to live healthier – Hence MK Oziel Water
Exercising don’t only help with our physics but mood and attitude towards striving for the best in life and never giving up on your goals and Is all also form of worship and thanks giving as alluded earlier here in , when exercising you need comfort , high quality outfit and stylish gym wear which will give courage to go to gym – Hence MK Oziel Sportswear


But because MK Oziel was very creative , we decided to Make this sports wear stylish and brand of never be scared to be unusual. Hence Sportswear that can be worn as active or style wear ( Sportwear with high heal and smart casual jacket )

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